I Got Covid

I’m not writing this because getting covid is in any way unusual these days, but it’s noteworthy for me because I’ve been waiting so long and it’s finally happened!

By now it has been almost a week since my first symptoms started showing, and I am mostly recovered now (assuming nothing weird happens), with just a few light symptoms remaining. Unfortunately, I did not experience the super light symptoms that everyone seems to be talking about with Omicron – I’m sure it’s lighter than the past variants, but I still had a bad time and could barely get out of bed for two days, couldn’t eat, and had nights where I essentially could not sleep more than 20-30 minutes at a time.

I’m not writing this to give you a detailed account of my covid experience though.

The reason I decided to write this (short?) post is that I remember thinking it was funny that I did a digital detox about a week ago, and then this week when my covid symptoms were bad, I was too exhausted and tired to even use my phone, listen to music, or watch TV; I basically just laid in bed doing absolutely nothing for 2 days. It was like I was doing an even more extreme version of detox where I literally did nothing but space out all day and drink water.

On the other hand, because a lot of people were aware that I had covid, my phone was constantly blowing up with notifications the whole week. It seemed like almost everyone I know in Taiwan was asking me every day how I was doing and if I needed anything. I am very grateful that everyone was checking on me and helping me out, but the amount of noise coming from my phone all the time was overwhelming at times! I ended up keeping my phone on silent most of the time.

Unfortunately, I had to spend a three-day-weekend of good weather sick in bed, and still have a few more days of quarantine. But on the plus side, the weather is supposed to be terrible and rainy all week, so I’d likely be sitting around at home every day even if I wasn’t in quarantine.

I wish everyone well!

Taken on the day before I got quarantined

3 replies to “I Got Covid

  1. I actually caught Covid just recently after I ended my part-time work. It was hard on my end too, mentally, emotionally even though my symptoms were mild! I’m still in the midst of recovering & am about to update my blog too with some photographs during my quarantine period at home! Nonetheless, reading this post of yours has brought me some form of comfort.

    1. Hey Jiaying! I just saw you left a comment here – I haven’t been actively writing posts that much recently so I haven’t opened WordPress in a while. After I wrote that post I actually ended up starting to cough a lot for more than a month! It was very annoying, but luckily now I’m past that point and I only cough occasionally like after I wake up or something like that. I’m glad my post gave you a sense of comfort! I’m looking forward to checking out some of your quarantine photos 🙂

      I’m thinking to update my photos on this site today as well, and maybe write another blog post.

      1. Hey Austin! Thanks for visiting my blogpost re. my quarantine experience. There wasn’t much photos I could share given I was in a negative headspace, having to cancel one week worth of plans when I’ve been looking forward for quite a while. Glad that we both are out & about despite still some time till full recovery. Take care in the meantime & also looking forward to your WordPress blog updates as always

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